Artist Interview: Anjali

Artist Interview: Anjali

 Activism can come in all different shades and colors, and visual art is a medium that traverses all language barriers, age gaps, and ideologies. While climate change is a crucial issue that requires discussion and action, it's not all black and white. Creative activism can tell a story that encourages thought and reflection, or it can simply be a light of positivity on gloomy days. 

Upcoming artist Anjali Vallabhaneni showcased her vibrant talents at our event, Creating Visual Noise Around Climate Change, and revealed just how important the environment is to her and her craft: "

Art presents the opening to express thoughts without verbalizing them. It's accessible to anyone and can even motivate others to see what they can also create. 

"I feel like that's like part of activism as well is like taking a personal experience and like communicating that," Vallabhaneni said. "It's definitely very powerful and can like definitely change people's minds as well." 

Nature is an abundant source of inspiration--no matter one's location, the outdoors is always present. 

Vallabhaneni's piece, Grow, spreads a simple, yet powerful message of hope and light. Despite the dreary cityscape in the background, there's a bright child planting a tree. Not only is this a symbol of optimism and a reflection on individual action, but it also showcases the importance of educating children early. 

"Yes, it's scary, but it's also there's a lot of problems with the world," admitted Vallabhaneni. "So it's good to like, maybe not tell the child our world is perfect so that they grow up believing that." Tackling on climate change is impossible to do alone; it can be an overwhelming discussion that has no clear answer. However, promoting a love for the environment and igniting inspiration to preserve it can go a long way. Now more than ever, the world needs passionate leaders who will continue to fight for our Earth. 

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